Beit HaLev, House of the Heart, led by Rabbi Galit, welcomes all Jews regardless of affiliation – or non-affiliation.  Rabbi Galit is  Jewish Universalist who embraces the belief in a “no labels” approach to Judaism.  We welcome anyone who seeks a Jewish spiritual experience, including Interfaith families.  We are a warm, inclusive family of Jewish men and women, Ashkenazic, Sephardic, and even non-Jewish members who gather for many diverse reasons, including social discourse, consolation, learning something new about our people and our history, and who desire a personal relationship with the Source of Creation.

Membership in Beit HaLev is $100.00 annually.  We depend on the support of our community to be able to offer the Oneg Shabbat (celebration of the Sabbath, including Kiddush, HaMotzi, snacks, coffee, etc.).  As the name of our shul suggests, if it is in your HEART to support Beit HaLev, membership must also come from your HEART.

For those with special circumstances, call Rabbi Galit (562) 493-2680 or (562) 715-0888.  No one will be excluded from our community.